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Awesome movie. It was really well done. I hope you continue on the story.

It was a good commercial. But it would've been a lot better if the sound and pictures weren't in such a bad quality.

VioletVulpine responds:

Tell my ISP to increase my upload speed so.

Too short. Would've been better if more time was spend on it. The joke, or what ever you want to call it, was also unfunny.

VioletVulpine responds:

No such thing as too short.

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Really fun game once you get going. But it's a bit too frustrating at first in my opinion. It also seems like saving your loot doesn't actually save it, since if you die you'll loose the loot you collected in the current run as well as some money. For example I had 400 money when I died, so I lost all the loot I had just collected as well as 200 money, which was equal to a single run for me.

Fun little game. One thing that bothered me though is that the things that can hurt you seem to spawn randomly, which means you can get into situation where there's nothing you can do except get damaged.

Doesn't really translate that well to a game. All you do is select a marble and then stare at a screen for a few seconds, nothing really interesting happens and there's really no gameplay.

nyceneezy responds:

Thanks for the review. I guess in the era of idle games everywhere it is getting harder to define what is a 'game'.

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Really awesome song!
And thank you so much for making a full version.

It's pretty good. I really like it.


I have no idea what I just heard. But I liked it none the less. Really awesome!

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Very nice as always!

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks!! :D

That is amazing and horrible at the same time.

Nice job!

Really good! I love that you drew navi in a humanoid form, and not in the normal ball thingy.

This is my userpage, there are many like it, but this one is mine.


You're starting to bore me

Everybody, panic!

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